Recent Projects

We have consulted, designed, engineered, manufactured, delivered and in some cases commissioned, our products in conjunction with project managers at many of New Zealand’s leading processing and OEM companies.


Air Heater

31 May 2018

A bespoke vertical airflow Air Heater fitted with code compliant steam and condensate heat exchangers and 120kW of boost electric resistance heating to lift low temperature ambient air to over 200°C in a single pass. This all stainless steel unit was designed and manufactured in-house to meet the strict hygiene requirements and exported to Australia for use in the Dairy Industry.


The attention to detail is the difference between a good result and an outstanding result and is reflected in our comprehensive list of satisfied clients and repeat customers. Steelfort has an enviable wealth of knowledge & experience and our team of qualified engineers and designers are astutely supported by experienced staff across all facets of the design & manufacture process within all the industries we serve. Strategic alliances with selected sub-contractors enables us to provide our clients with the best available manufacturing solutions in New Zealand and wider afield.


Bile Kettle

Steam jacketed, insulated & agitated cooking kettle for Pharmaceutical use and built to strict hygiene requirements and compliant with New Zealand, Australian and European Pressure Code Standards.


Air Handling Unit

A complete AHU with HEPA Filtration, chilled water extended surface Dehumidifying heat exchanger, Demister Pads, Steam Heater bank to condition and supply five tons of air for a critical phase in the manufacturing process of Baby Infant Formula.


Air Heater

A large air pre-heater complete with Mild Steel air inlet transition operating with multiple ‘cassette’ style Clean & Geothermal steam coils to increase the operational efficiency of the associated furnace at a Timber Processing facility.


Apple & Kiwifruit Storage

Large thermal capacity high humidity hydrophilic finned Unit Coolers using low temperature 25% Poly Propylene Glycol combined with high efficiency German Electronically Commutated (EC) fixed rotor fan/motor sets for the long term storage of perishable product.


Vegetable Hydro Cooler

Multi bare tubed Stainless Steel cooling coil for high humidity short term storage of delicate leaf vegetables such as cabbages and lettuce. Alternative materials can include Copper core tubes.


Mixers & Blender

Rotational “Y” configuration blender with Steam Heating for guaranteed non stratification mixing. We also manufacture “Conical” and “Rotary” mixers for the Food Ingredient manufactures.


Tread Plate

An original equipment manufactured (OEM) product ultimately used in the fabrication of cattle crates. Also suitable for industrial walkways for personnel.


HP Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

An exceptionally high pressure, hygienic, steam heated, shell & tube heater used as part of the concentrating process in the Dairy industry.


Heated Process Vessel

A vertical process tank with steam heated dimple jacket, and insulated and complete with vertical agitation for Food Processing industry.


SS Spiral Coil

A double conical spiral stainless steel tube coil for an experimental heat pump powered hot water cylinder for a Research & Development company.


Static Condenser

A regular production run of small Static Condensers for an OEM company’s own direct expansion condensing units.


Dry Cooler

Vertical discharge air cooled water coil with axial fans and sound attenuation to meet local noise breakout by-laws at the property boundary line for the Oil & Gas industry.


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

An all stainless steel liquid to liquid shell & tube heat exchanger heater for use in the Pharmaceutical industry.



Horizontal discharge water cooling Radiator for a large gas fuelled combustion engine driving a high pressure deep well sludge pump for the Petro-Chemical industry.