Commercial Products

We are the Manufacturing Division of Steelfort. We are designers, engineers and skilled fabricators of “custom” sheet metal products, working closely with Consultants and Professional Managers to design & fabricate engineered solutions in metal for most of New Zealand’s processing companies.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Steelfort has the design expertise and manufacturing skill and experience to produce any stainless steel fixture and fitting required for commercial, industrial and domestic use. If you can sketch it, we can build it.

Heat Exchangers

Specialising in the design and manufacture of Castle finned tube heat exchangers, Steelfort uses unique computer software developed in collaboration with Massey University's School of Engineering and Advanced Technology.

CNC Services

CNC Services interpret customer concepts, designs and plans to program their multitude of modern machines for the cutting, punching and folding of ‘one-off’ & ‘production run’ components.

Design & Engineering Services

We are dedicated to fully understanding our customers’ requirements so we can provide the right solutions every time to ensure their ongoing satisfaction.

Recent Projects

We have consulted, designed, engineered, manufactured, delivered and in some cases commissioned, our products in conjunction with project managers at many of New Zealand’s leading processing and OEM companies.